Winter 2018
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The rise and rise of fintech
As the continued emergence of agile fintech players causes banks and established institutions to lose their monopolistic grip on the financial sector, the benefits of collaboration for both sides are obvious.
Changing audiences
Making the change from a business-to-business model to a business-to-consumer one requires a flexible and adaptable approach, but companies should ensure they do not lose sight of what made them successful in the first place.
The heart of growth
Abu Dhabi’s enviable geographic location and stable economic environment mean that it is primed to play a central role in the continued development of economies in the Middle East and Africa.
Succeeding through adversity
A period of difficulty can often prove to be the making of a business owner. Many even consider the experience of triumphing through adversity to be crucial to their eventual success.
Steel will
The Egyptian economy is proving remarkably resilient in spite of upheaval wrought by recent revolutions. The country’s steel industry embodies Egypt’s steadfast determination to flourish, regardless of socio-political complications.
Streets of gold
Tourism in Portugal is booming, and with that comes plentiful opportunities. In particular, the real estate sector is benefitting from this surge. Investment funds are becoming the vehicle of choice for those wanting to make the most of this economic potential.
Open to the world
It is common for high-net-worth individuals to look to become global citizens through Citizenship by Investment programmes. The benefits are plentiful, although finding the most effective programme can be troublesome.
The glass cliff edge
The truth about paradise
Rebuilding India’s roads
The growth of ETFs
Agustín Carstens
The pharma revolution
The pharmaceutical sector is experiencing existential changes. Established players can no longer expect to retain control of the market as agile new companies successfully disrupt their long-established monopoly. Generic pharmaceutical company Alvogen, led by pioneering CEO Robert Wessman, has adopted an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to capitalise on the opportunities that are arising.
Davos 2018 The mystery of China's GDP
The tiny mountain resort of Davos will once again play host to the annual gathering of the biggest names in finance as the World Economic Forum meets in Switzerland. The case for the holistic benefits of globalisation will surely be at the top of the agenda. Few experts trust the accuracy of China’s consistently impressive GDP figures. Many even point to conscious manipulation of the data. World Finance investigates the reasons for these doubts and examines the extent of the problem.
Regulating the cryptocurrency boom Abenomics
The explosive success of cryptocurrencies means regulators are struggling to keep up with the pace of growth. Shinzo Abe will look to capitalise on his commanding performance in Japan’s recent snap election by pushing through a series of economic reforms.
The debt success Sustainable sight line
World Finance assesses the case for debt-fuelled businesses and asks whether this model can truly be sustainable. Copenhagen has a vision of becoming the first CO2-neutral capital by 2025
Evolving healthcare infrastructure A changing landscape
Improving infrastructure is a problem that countries around the world struggle to solve. World Finance spoke to Kamil Yanikomeroglu, Chairman of Rönesans Healthcare Investment, about the firm’s involvement in the Turkish healthcare sector. Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 programme will attempt to reduce the country’s reliance on oil and increase the prominence of the private sector. Ihsan Bafakih, CEO of MASIC, explains the opportunities that these reforms will present to other sectors.
Emerging from adversity A beacon of development
In 2014, the Petrobras scandal had a disastrous effect on the Brazilian oil and gas sector. Nelson Tanure, CEO of PetroRio, tells World Finance about his company’s proactive strategy in the aftermath of the scandal. The Hulhumalé project is part of recent endeavours by the Maldives to be more environmentally and economically durable. Aishath Nayassheen Ahmed, Investor Relations Officer at Housing Development Corporation, explains the importance of the project.
World Finance 100
We celebrate the exceptional businesses and individuals that have demonstrated excellence over the past 12 months.
Thai Life Insurance embeds ‘loving, caring and sharing’ in viral campaign
President Chai Chaiyawan explains the brand values behind Thai Life’s wildly successful ‘sadvertising’ commercials
Mashreq Bank: Digitisation mustn’t leave face-to-face customers behind
Retail banking head Subroto Som explains that although the UAE’s oldest bank may be digitising its internal processes, branch staff will always be a friendly face for consumers who want a human interaction
Mashreq Neo: UAE’s new bank offers fresh experience for digital natives
The UAE’s oldest bank has created the country’s newest. Mashreq Bank’s Subroto Som introduces the new digital-only retail bank
Investing during tough times is the right thing to do
Ahmed Abou Hashima explains how continuing to invest through Egypt's 2011 revolution won him 20 percent of the country's steel sector
Peer-to-peer solar energy trading coming soon to Bangkok from BCPG
Bundit Sapianchai, President of BCPG Public Company, explains the smart green energy community that will launch in the first half of 2018
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